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This collection of fine art photographic prints are available hand-framed, with a combination of copper, tin and lead using a stained glass technique.

The matted print is sandwiched between two panes of glass, sealed with a copper foil, and soldered with a 60%tin/40% lead solder.

It is then oxidized and polished to leave a smooth black finish. The resulting piece is 100% archival and even waterproof.

Prices and Sizes

Hand Crafted Metal Frames

Item                                   Print size              Frame size              Retail Price

Small                                 2"x3"                      5"x7"                         $40.00

Medium                            5"x7"                       8"x10"                      $70.00

Large                                 8"x10"                      11"x14"                    $85.00


Small Double   58              2(2"x3")                  5"x8"                         $70.00

Small Double   410            2(2"x3")                 4"x10"                         $70.00

Large Double   820            2(5"x7")                 8"x20"                       $120.00

Large Double  1016           2(5"x7")                 10"x16"                     $120.00 

Small Triple                       3(2"x3")                  5.5"x14"                  $100.00

Black Wooden Frames

                                            8"x10"                     16"x20"                 $150.00

                                            11"x14"                   16"x20"                 $160.00

                                            16"x20"                   20"x24"                 $250.00

                                            16"x20"                   24"x30"                 $300.00

Large Triple                       3(5"x7")                    8"x30"                   $170.00


Trapskiff (medium)         3(11"x14")                   3(16"x20")             $500.00

Trapskiff (large)               3(16"x20")                   3(20"x24")             $700.00

Punt (medium)                 3(11"x14")                  3(16"x20")              $500.00

Punt (large)                       3(16"x20")                  3(20"x24")              $700.00

Speedboat                        3(16"x16")                   3(20"x20")             $600.00


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